Jumping RabbitFebruary 2005 · TZADIK · 7252

Studying koto since the age of three, Mori Chieko is one of the world’s most versatile koto virtuosos. She has spent long periods in Italy, London and the United States, collaborated with Michael Galasso, and created music for dance, film and theater, including several productions by Robert Wilson. Her first CD for Tzadik was recorded in both Italy and New York, and presents a beautiful series of pieces for solo koto, and koto and voice. Lyrical and meditative, Jumping Rabbit is a CD of remarkable beauty and heartfelt emotions.

1. Fly Away
2. Jumping Rabbit
3. Moon Park
4. Midnight Forest
5. Quiet Church
6. Paper Airplane
7. Charm Music Box
8. Red + Balloon
9. Dreams
improvised recording at The Hit Factory (N.Y.) 2004

Kotoistic 2006 · canto crudo · ccr 305


This production arose from an invitation of the “Beppu Project” and an examination of the landscape in Beppu, Japan, which is shaped by onsen and jigoku (hot springs).
Water, steam, bamboo, sand and the 17-string bass koto provide the material for the electroacoustic collages and compositions, which successively alternate with the studio recordings of the improvisations.
Produced at Onpaku House, Beppu, Japan, 2006
Bass koto recordings: Studio Take Five, Oita, Japan


The temporal and tonal structures of an improvisation on the bass koto are reconstructed according to derivatives and even more remote aspects.
Commission by the Lower Austrian State Government.
Produced in the scope of the 2012 Master Courses of the Electric Orpheus Academy in Neustift, Lower Austria, 2012


In this first collaboration, Chieko Mori and Oliver Grimm combine the playing on the koto with the electronic processing of studio recordings in four pieces; an interweaving of initial improvisation, overdub and electronic transformation.
Produced and recorded at the studio of the Fabrica in Treviso, Italy, 2003